There Prolozone viable treatment of chronic pain?

Prolozone a relatively new form of alternative treatment of injured joints, ligaments, tendons and intervertebral discs. It is administered by injection, delivering a mixture of oxygen and ozone-damaged areas of the body.

Prolozone different proloterápia; This latter form of treatment is usually only ligaments, and covers the injection solution of a simple sugar in water combined with an anesthetic damaged ligaments. The introduction of a foreign substance sparks the inflammatory response. The body sends inflammatory substances of the injected area, which means that the blood flow increases.

decisive role in healing the inflammation; increased blood flow delivers nutrients to the damaged areas to help improve them. But it tends to restrict the oxygen supply to the area of ​​inflammation, especially when chronic. Oxygen is essential for healing the body tissues. Prolozone injects oxygen and ozone, the most energetic form of oxygen directly into the damaged tissue to facilitate the repair.

Prolozone therapy usually involves fewer injections than proloterápia and boasts immediate pain relief. Supporters argue that the ability to repair tissue and permanently put an end to chronic pain. One of the most important statements that prolozone can repair cartilage, joints, there is something much needed and long-awaited in the treatment of arthritis.

If effective, prolozone gives hope to people suffering from chronic conditions such as back pain, sciatica, sacroiliac joint dysfunction and arthritis. But, like most alternative treatments, very little research available to back up its claims. There are a few studies which promotes reasonable success ozone treatment of disc degeneration and osteoarthritis. See a volume of essays.

more difficult to find customer reviews of prolozone, probably because of the novelty. An overview can be found in the forum The reviewer chronicles his early use prolozone therapy for severe knee arthritis.

Prolozone treatment is usually not covered by insurance. An average cost is not available at this time, but the above reviewer mentioned that her injections cost $ 125 each, and was the recipient shots from 1 to 7 every 1-2 weeks.

There are many reasons to uncertain about pursuing a new therapy like prolozone. The lack of studies, opinions, long-term risk analysis and ensure plenty of all that all patients are tired. However, for those operations against the high price tag, time and risk, prolozone necessary remedial same experiment can be an attractive alternative.

Prolozone a treatment option to pay attention over the next few years; If scientific evidence to support the increase, it becomes eligible for insurance and revolutionize the way chronic pain problems like arthritis and degeneration of the disc. Unlike the regenerative properties steroid injections and in contrast to the widespread use proloterápia, prolozone be the future of the injection pain.

Before pursue alternative or conventional treatments, do your research. Understanding the pros and cons of treatments will put you in a position to make the best choice.

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Alternative operating systems for mobile devices

There is no doubt that Android is a major advantage of iOS in terms of extending the functionality of mobile devices. Android applications to host a multi-function tablet can do what the phone by default. Moreover, the deployment of mobile applications readily available to third parties for users when services are offered. For example, feed application provides daily updates in real time to users who read the news, weather reports using a mobile device. However, Android and Apple's own operating system is not the only firmware is available for users.

Ubuntu for Android phones and tablets

The default Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean operating system Android phones developed a Linux-based architecture. Despite performing well, the hardware specifications, users who prefer the operating system, like they have their own laptops or desktops can get the Ubuntu mobile use. 12.x or later versions of this Linux distribution has been re-designed to work with touch screens and efficiently run portable electronic devices.

Ubuntu for Android operating efficiently on multi-core high-end phones and tablets. Users can open multiple pages in the browser and open multiple applications simultaneously. Plus, the tablet or smartphone can handle it with two business areas such as desktop computers. Through over-the-air updates, the firmware will be upgraded to the latest version, and allows multiple applications to work effectively in the system. The default software applications such as the music player in Ubuntu, Chromium browser, Google Calendar, Thunderbird e-mail client, Google Docs, VLC Player, Photo Gallery, Ubuntu PiTiVi, Gwibber and Android dialer.

Nokia Symbian Belle smartphones

Nokia has been a leader in the mobile industry. Most phone users, Nokia probably started like any other brand. However, towards the development of mobile technology user preferences shifted phone operating system developers can create applications quickly. This is why iOS Android has taken the lead within a few years. This also means that Nokia also needs to be changed, as well as trends.

In response, the company developed the Nokia Belle, featuring the latest firmware update for smartphones that operate on the Symbian S60, which include the Nokia N8, Nokia C7, Nokia C6-01, Nokia E7, Nokia X7, Nokia E6 and Nokia 500 owners of these devices to update Belle on the desktop suite or network provider. After the upgrade to the new operating system allows up to six home screens that can be customized and dynamic live widgets. This is a drop-down navigation applications and improved taskbar, photo editing and web browsing. Overall, the new user interface has similar properties as an Android phone.

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Ten-haves for every home Hardware Store

every home, no matter how new, needs minor repairs now and again. The new homeowners and DIYers beginning, it's hard to know what tools are needed to get the job done. The store is so full of great opportunities, browsing the aisles can feel overwhelming. In the next ten essential tools every homeowner should be prepared for everyday repairs.

1. Hammer

The smooth-faced hammer comfortable grip is ideal for a variety of purposes, such as hanging pictures and assembling furniture. A curved claw pulling out a practical bent, while the straight claw occasional demolition work.

2. screwdrivers

light fixtures, cabinets, switch plates, door handles: homes are filled with objects that require screws. The mixed screwdrivers will be used again and again in various head and Philips head sizes and an excellent investment. Magnetic heads can be useful as a comfortable non-slip rubber grip.

3. Fabric Adhesive Tape

-all and end all of the tools at home, duct tape is a quick, easy fix rips, tears, holes and leaks. Super-sticky and thick, large patches of adhesive tape, and now the store carries a variety of colors and patterns. This is a great temporary solution to water supply issues. This clogs up long enough for professional help to arrive.

4. Measuring Tape

There are several sizes, 16 & # 39; will get you through most of your household projects. One can easily lock, 3 / 4A wide design strong enough to stay in place without being too bulky. Find a nice hook at the end for easy gripping.

5. Set the handle

hard enough to pinch and bend metal, yet is flexible enough to keep even small objects, pliers necessary to get a grip on just about anything. Look for a set that includes a long nose, tongue and groove pliers and side.

6. Long and short Adjustable Wrenches

necessary to manipulate you'll see a lot of home repairs hex nuts and bolts, both long and short adjustable wrench. Sticky Walnut longer wrench handle more influence. If you are short of space, a shorter handle key is required. The adjustable feature ensures that fits anywhere bolts of all sizes.

7. Swiss Army Knife

This is an extremely versatile tool for many uses including opening the box, cut through carpet, paint scraping and shaving wood. Invest in a good quality model, comfortable rubber handle. Blade storage is also convenient function and increases security, because it will change the blade is quick and easy.

8. Level

A must-have to keep things straight, in fact, the store wide when the level. There are high-tech laser levels, but most household projects, a good old-fashioned water level is accurate, easy to use and gets the job done.

9 Cordless drill and drill bit set

Power drills to many household projects faster and easier. Wireless options are very comfortable and guarantee hunting outlet. Setting the various bits of metal, wood, and the universal right to have little opportunities for all needs.

Ladder 10

The vertically challenged, the ladder is an invaluable tool. Changing light bulbs, putting up curtains, changing smoke detector batteries ladders that each height-based tasks easier and safer.

All these options (and many more) are available in the local store. With these tools, however, ten basic repairs and projects will be a breeze!

Source by Andrew Stratton

Advantages and disadvantages of having a forum on the website can be

Forums are a great addition to the website, but like anything on the Internet, there are advantages and disadvantages when adding a forum to your website, because only having a forum not really going to do much for you.

below we look at the main advantages and disadvantages, where a forum on the site that can help you decide if it's worth a stay, or even too obvious!


Contents – Google (and other decent search engines) love content, so after the forum, many people are contributing and new posts and responses to generate enough content to really push your site forward. It does take a while to get this kind of level, and you need to have some great members, but if you do not get a happy group of users posting in all, it can really help your site rise up the rankings.

Visitor retention of – the Forum provides the opportunity for visitors, customers and potential customers a reason to return to the place, especially when help is needed or advice on a particular subject. All websites want to keep visitors returning, leaving a crack forum is a way to make people want to come back and use the site.

Commercial opportunities – The more people there are on the site, the more money you can do so by having more people and more return visits to the site, they will immediately increase the chances that a a decent income from your own site. The shopping sites online services, you can keep visitors entertained on the site and give them a reason to come back often, it will give more opportunities to sell them.


moderation – When you open a public forum, you are going to have to think in moderation, because not everyone will be as well behaved as you! : The tiny arguments better way to dodgy message and useless items, you must make sure that the top of the board, or people do this for you, of course, take up a lot of time and means you'll be taken the confidence of the members are often not paid to do it for you.

Spam – As with most things on the World Wide Web, a forum open only one goal in each spammer because if the forum will be great, you could have a little weight to Google. There were huge platforms near or change the way they operate because of spam, so it's important to consider how you will deal with this before it becomes a problem for you.

Vulnerabilities – Since most forums will be too site, you must make sure to regularly update the software that runs them nothing could be opened up to become some huge security issues. It is important to review the setup of the forum before they go live, to make sure that it has closed the non-visible loop holes that allow the bad guys, but even then, you need to make sure you continue to monitor the site issues, which again take up your time.

Lack of messages – a bit like a city, a lot of a closed business, if you land on your site and see that there are only a few posts, this is actually a negative effect on the visitor . Although it is difficult to live without the members, you need to consider how you are going to get the forum offline to avoid looking like an empty space, and actually putting the visitors to your website.

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This 10 iPhone Tricks save your life!

iPhone is an incredible machine, but if everything goes wrong it's hell. Here are some tips that will help you solve the most common problems.

1) I lost my connection!

Re-import who have a SIM card. Go to Settings / Mail, Contacts, Calendars / Import SIM Contacts.

2) My touch screen crashes for no reason!

This may be the case that the touch screen can act out and not let you launch applications. This is due to the proximity sensor. The sensor does not work, and incorrectly detects the phone to always call mode. You must touch the top left corner of the phone side of the device. Restart your iPhone and voila!

3) My iPhone fell into the water

First thing you need to do is turn it off. You will need to wait until all the water evaporates before turning it on again. Speed ​​up the process a hair dryer is not recommended. Would you rather leave your phone in a warm room where the temperature does not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. After a day or two, then try turning it on again. If the water in question is clear, the chances are higher on the phone working. The iPhone, to fall into the sea water is less likely to work again.

4) How to recover crashed the entire iPhone?

Changes in DFU mode. Connect your iPhone to the computer and launch iTunes. Press and hold the power button, Home button and the "On / Off" button for 10 seconds.

After 10 seconds, release the "On / Off" button but keep holding the Home button until iTunes displays that it has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You will need to release the main button. To exit DFU mode, pull out your iPhone and press the "On / Off" button to restart.

5) What to do when your iPhone screen is disabled?

Some users very own solution ". Tap three fingers on the screen, two or three consecutive times, but not too difficult" After

6) I lost my application updates!

Open iTunes, connect your iPhone, click the "File" menu and through the purchases.

7) The "Home" button does not work anymore!

Try to calibrate the "Home" button.

An application-matter which one, then press the "On / Off" button until the "slide off" slider appears. Release the "On / Off" button and press the "Home" button to return to the home screen.

This process calibrates the "Home" button. If the problem persists, you may have a hardware problem, which is in the dust of the phone, for example.

8) My iPhone will not turn on!

Reset it. Press and hold the "On / Off" button and the "Home" button for a few seconds until the Apple logo appears. Perhaps the battery is empty. So before you fill it up and connect your iPhone.

9) Ever since I installed iOS 5.0.1, my iPhone is always restarted, what can I do?

Remove the SIM card from the phone. Activate 3G and Cellular Data, and insert the SIM card.

10) I can not connect to the Internet, uncontrollable strange question!

The iOS4, there are wi-fi connectivity problems if certain conditions apply. If after trying the solution to this chapter, there is still the question, you need to update your phone. These problems are solved Apple's iOS5 upgrade. Update therefore a much more reliable system solutions.

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Top Hardware Issues to be taken into account when selecting the supplier

The hardest part of the brand of hardware can give the little-known options. This may be due to the selection of IT network hardware manufacturer like buying a used car in a foreign country. When presented with several choices, the initial reaction is to go with the cheapest option. However, this is not always the best choice, since several important factors to consider when making a smart purchase.

when selecting network hardware, service, and repair warranties serve an important role. For example, how far will technicians travel to service the network on-site? What services are included and what costs extra? When you have the choice of hardware, what can you expect in terms of ongoing support and upgrade options? Before you go ahead with your purchase, you have a clear understanding of the terms and conditions for this type of services, and how they relate to the network, and location.

There are several major hardware manufacturers in mind the pricing structure for future purchases. Often, the customer will be able to get a discount on the initial sale if the seller expects that the bill will be future sales as well. It's a good idea to express your long-term technology goals of the sale because of it.

There are some important factors to consider, once you choose the right hardware manufacturer

switch : This is what you need to connect the cables to the "spinal cord" of the whole network. It is common to include both optical and copper networks; In this case the switch must accommodate both. Otherwise, the switch of choice depends on the traffic already in the office between the reception and the media type.

Devices should be based on the selected device performance expectations and network compatibility. Then, the firmware can be updated? Are you going to a regular computer or thin client terminals? What about the articulated arms in the exam room? It is important that the establishment of agreements about the device configuration or server, printer or laptop. In fact, the doctors always check before buying a computer, you need to make sure that the device on the network they will work well. Examining the network regularly, the entire system can be kept in sync and up to date with current technological changes. This system of updated improvements will help to achieve the maximum performance results while simplifying the technical demands.

Servers : Keep redundancy in mind when selecting a server. There will be a machine extends the power of the other can not? If your hard drive crashes, then a series of RAID drives pick up the slack? There are many processors and how much RAM? Select the backup tape drive, which is large enough to store all the data is still fast enough to back everything from one day to the next. What about the physical design of the network equipment? Perhaps a single rack or secure housing unit must be kept on a secure server, especially if you have a set of servers, as many of setting up the EMR system.

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Havanese Training – What to do if your dog's separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is the most common problem is that the Havanese dog owners face. After all, dogs are extremely loyal and wants to go anywhere the owner. We want to be a Havanese with us wherever we go, but it's just not feasible, especially if you have to go to work or to areas where dogs are not allowed.

leave them at home anywhere can cause mild to severe anxiety, behavior problems that result in the destruction of barking and stuff at home. When you come home you may find that the dog had chewed it with your favorite shoes or peed on the carpet because they were anxious when she was not around. Sometimes it's hard to imagine that the adorable Havanese be as little monster at home because there you get from being abandoned them and will not return.

The sources Dog Separation Anxiety

is the main driving force behind the anxiety inherent to pack animals and for separating them in the package due to their uncertainty and unrest. They feel detachment, when the master leaves and it gets confused. In fact, there are certain activities that the owner recognizes that it is based on anxiety and still gets excited.

For example, if you give them attention before you leave, or you better returns, and it was done on a consistent basis every day, will set the pattern ingrained routine and anxiety builds day by day.

Reducing Dog Separation Anxiety

we do not realize that they actually have more control anxiety than you think. Certain changes can go a long way in the actions to reduce restlessness, anxiety and so curb.

Here are some simple ways to reduce anxiety

Mix every day: If you have a set number of tasks you do every day before you leave, you may want to change a little around. If you know that the Havanese dog starts to act when you pick up the car keys, for example, try a different approach to the keys the next time. Put the key in his pocket before leaving well in advance. Another common trigger is left before the morning walk. If you are able to let them go after them at home, try taking them for a walk, before you plan to leave.

remains neutral : It's hard to not give them just before you go to charity. After all, they will be missed throughout the day as well. However, this only increases the concern, if we let them. The same applies when you return home. Try not to give them excessive attention before you leave, or you better returns. The most effective way to reduce the anxiety that separates the outlet and the return they get a lot of attention. We recommend that you act as if nothing has changed, before you leave or when you return, and you're ignoring the dog before and after the 10 minutes. Do not pet or hug them in those moments when they are sad or sounds of a sad expression. Remember that this is only to help them reduce their anxiety when not at home.

Let's start with a shorter period of time: If you see your dog getting nervous as it exits, go out for a few minutes and then come back. This will change the expectations of how long they will be gone, and when he returns. Then slowly increase the time for them to leave, so it seems natural to them that they do not come back, even if you leave.

did not get very

You might think that some of these methods are cruel and certainly feels that way when dealing with Havanese dogs who get very adhering to the owner. What you need to realize that if you reduce your anxiety, which in turn allows them to be more relaxed and healthier in the long run.

If your dog has anxiety problems continue for a long time, you should do everything you can to reduce it early and not allow it to become worse. The last thing you want to come home to find a Havanese dog did something, you do not have to respond immediately and yelled at them (and this happens because they created that situation in the first place).

you can learn the secrets of these and other training Havanese training side.

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What to do if Google Chrome crashes

need to fix Google Chrome if it keeps crashing, freezing, and does not work or if you do not start at all. What steps you are taking? Read on to find out.

A) As a first step, try the following fixes crashes Chrome

1) The machine has run out of memory and can not load the page at the same time running apps, extensions and programs.

free up memory:

a) Close all tabs except that it shows the error message.

b) Exit from other applications or programs they run and break an application or downloading a file.

Computer Removing unnecessary extension of Chrome.

2) Exit Chrome and reopen. For Windows: Ctrl + q. Try loading the page.

3) Programs and applications are sometimes kept in the pages load properly.

a) The computer is restarted.

b) Try to load the page again.

B) If the above steps do not work, check Chrome crash problems.

a) If Windows is to use the "Chrome Clean Up" tool to find and remove unwanted software.

b) To find out if there is any problem with the website or Chrome, open the page in another browser. For example, try using Firefox or Safari to load the page.

If you work in another browser, try the following:

1) remove and reinstall Chrome.

2) remove and reinstall your extensions.

3) Fix hardware problems: could be a problem with the computer or the device's hard drive Chrome works. Recording:

Go to Settings> System> Preferences sooner

Clear the "hardware acceleration when available."

4) Restart Chrome.

If this does not work, another browser, there may be a problem with the network or the website itself.

C) Fixed problem when Chrome will not open at all on the computer. Chrome may have running in the background on your computer. To see if Chrome opens strength exit and follow the steps for your operating system.

a) Run ctrl + alt + delete

b) Click the Start Task Manager

c) the term "process", the "Google Chrome" or "chrome.exe ".

d) Click on it and click "End Process" if necessary.

e) Next to set up anti-virus and check for malware.

possible that either the antivirus software, or malware, preventing unwanted opening of Chrome. To fix this, make sure Chrome will block anti-virus or other software on your computer.

f) Restart your computer because of a program or process running on your computer that Chrome will be a problem.

D) If the above solutions do not work, we recommend that you uninstall and then reinstall Chrome.

What if Chrome still does not work? Then turn crash report that the information

. And also free to post a comment on "Chrome Help Forum."

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Website Design – a hardware and software may be needed

Before you start the new site, or change the current site, it must be considered that the hardware and software may be needed to support the effort.

When the hardware is required, it can be very simple or complex depending on the specific needs reasonable. Of course, if you are planning to create a new web site (or even view the new website later) computer is required. Pretty simple, is not it? Not necessarily. We prefer to work on Apple Macintosh (OSX Leopard MacBook Pro), as we have many intensive graphics work and have previously invested in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, etc.). It is just as easy to create a new website using the Windows PC, but we recommend you to stay away from the Windows Vista (all versions), and migrate to Windows 7, or stick with Windows XP. These operating systems can only be more stable and more reliable.

Another aspect of the hardware have some sort of backup hard drive or removable USB storage device (s). It is important that you back up all data on a removable drive to your site, if your computer crashes, broken, or stolen. When you create your website files, most of the data is stored in the website hosting servers, but in many cases, it is much more "building files", which usually never make it to your hosting server. If the data is lost they will be forced to start from scratch in many cases. In another piece of hardware to forget a lot of HD video cameras. If you plan to include video on your site, you can invest in something halfway decent; you can usually pick up a good video camera that also captures part of the "stills" $ 500.00.

When the software is needed, it can be somewhat complicated, again depending on what your website design goals. At the very least, you need some kind of word processing software, FTP (File Transfer Software), graphics creation software and a variety of other devices as it progresses.

Here are some of the most common issues you must consider the design of your website product design.


currently have a computer that can process large files (ie – video files) quickly and efficiently?

Server website

plans to host your own website portal? If yes, what type of hardware and server software will be required?

BACKUP hard drive or USB STICK

Currently there are any safety equipment hard drive or plan?

video cameras

'll create unique videos on the website, and if so, is an HD video cameras ready?

Mobile Web tools

plans to use the site "mobile web-friendly"? If so, you have an iPhone and an iPad? Android phone? Blackberry device? These will be needed for testing purposes!

creation of

website creation SOFTWARE

Van web site software (ie – Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft FrontPage) installed, licensed and ready for use?

image editing SOFTWARE

plans to build your own web page graphics or edit images? Do you have the necessary software (for example – Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Studio)?


plan created a database of the website, and if so, do you know which software to use for this purpose?

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Emerging Technologies Supply Chain Management

The Internet has a huge impact on how people shop, work and communicate. This technology has also created changes in how companies conduct business in the 21st century. One area of ​​business that is likely to see a huge change in the coming years in supply chain management. Utilizing the power of the Internet, supply chain management will continue to evolve in a way that makes it possible for businesses to change the way they manage inventory orders with suppliers, and critical information with each other.

Although some of these technologies exist for years or decades in the case of radio frequency identification tags, the utilization of the Internet these technologies offers potential transforming supply chain management. Right-supply chain management also means greater control and improved parts profits.

In 2001, Nike's revenue missed the target by a substantial amount. The deficit is partly driven by supply chain automation project fails. "Some estimate that the new tape technology for more than $ 30 billion surplus stocks" (Fonstad). The term e-business – as distinct from e-commerce – can be used to describe the adoption of the Internet to accelerate the goal of supply chain integration (Lee) Four new technologies and practices for e-business will have a dramatic impact on supply chain management .

o Virtual marketplaces

o Radio-frequency identification tags (RFID)

o synchronized planning

o Supplier Performance Management

virtual marketplaces

MetalJunction virtual marketplace owned by two of India's largest steel producer. In March Tata Steel and Sail Steel sold more than 5,000 tons of steel in 2002 in March 2003, tonnage increased to 43,000 tonnes per month (Mills).

What is a virtual marketplace and what are the applications industry? Virtual marketplaces many names, such as e-markets, the net market places and electronic markets. These markets are all common characteristics.

o Reliance on the Internet

o buyers and sellers come together without an intermediary

o neutrality (all buyers and sellers in the same way a)

o information They provide sellers and products

is the most basic form, a virtual marketplace bringing together buyers and sellers over the Internet. At the highest level, the virtual market, customer and supplier gives the opportunity to re-engineer sales administrative process to improve forecasting and scheduling, renew your go-to-market approach, shorten order-to-cash cycle, and enhance customer service (Steel24-7) . Ideally, the virtual marketplaces focused on a particular industry. Some prominent examples of steel, agricultural products and car parts. In addition to providing general information about vendors and products in the virtual market also offer product descriptions, side-by-side comparisons, technical papers, and market analysis.

A number of challenges before setting up e-marketplaces. The primary one is identified with the necessary tools to use in the market, which is a secure environment, pricing, payment, and fulfillment. A fair marketplace for Internet protocols must be selected. The cost of the technology to reach and engage the market should not be prohibitive. Security and privacy must be to ensure the confidentiality of transactions. Authentication and authorization of users, many organizations should be possible. Private communication must be provided.

pricing policies can be set and can not be replaced. An everyday example of barter or auction on E-Bay for consumer products. Payment procedures can be pre-arranged or the buyer and the seller. Finally, execution of orders must be insured. Just like the traditional markets do not deliver on time will result in companies losing their market power and eventually lead to errors (McKnight).

The final concern is the virtual markets jurisdiction and governing law. Virtual market place members of the global trading community. Because these markets are a recent phenomenon that defines the legal system to settle disputes in charge of an evolving process. The present legal arguments put jurisdiction in the locality in the market. A virtual market, but you need to ask where the market actually exists. Although the FTC has attempted to control over the exercise of on-line transactions, the final decision on the jurisdiction of the international e-marketplaces have not yet been made.

Radio-frequency identification tags

In November 2003, Wal-Mart's top 120 suppliers gathered in the need for radio frequency identification tags (RFID) shipping cases and pallets of goods. Wal-Mart set a deadline of January 2005, the top 100 suppliers. The remaining suppliers had until the beginning of 2006, to meet the requirement (Sliwa).

A basic RFID system consists of three components.

o Antenna

o Transceiver

o transponder (tag)

antenna activates the tag, reading and writing data to it. When one goes to a RFID tag reader, transmitting information to the host computer for processing. The most common passive RFID system and contain their own power source, a short range, operating under the low-frequency and low-cost. While RFID has been there from the 1960s to the latest changes in technology have reduced costs and made it possible to use several applications of the technology.

The ordinary RFID card is read automatically passes on toll roads. The benefits of RFID many times. For example, RFID is extremely fast, non-contact, it does not require line of site, and can operate in a variety of weather conditions. The list of advantages of RFID case goes to Wal-Mart, the cost of transport of the task. Kara Romanov, analyst at AMR Research, Inc., estimates the start-up cost of a supplier who will ship 50 million containers per year between $ 13 million $ 23 million. These costs include the RFID tags and related hardware and software (Sliwa).

SAMSys Technologies of Richmond Hills, ON and ThingMagic, LLC in Cambridge, MA two leaders in the application of RFID in supply chain management. Sam-Sys is committed to an open system environment that is not restricted to a single RFID protocol or frequency range. This philosophy is based on the assumption of many vendors and readers that will work seamlessly together (SAMSys).

ThingMagic was founded in 2000 to five MIT graduates. It has developed low cost RFID systems. ThingMagic is currently developing and marketing protocol agile RFID tag readers (ThingMagic). In addition to Wal-Mart, a key player in the Department of Defense (DOD) RFID development and deployment. The Department of Defense issued a new policy that requires all suppliers to embed with the passive RFID chips for each product is possible, or otherwise the level of cases and pallets by January 2005. In February 2004, the DOD ordered summit its suppliers to discuss its RFID plans ( Broersma). To quote Colin Cobain of Tesco Stores CTO: "The issue is not going to change the RFID business The question is, will you be ready to go." (ThingMagic).

PLANNING ACROSS A synchronized supply CHAIN ​​

"in the form of synchronized collaborative planning forecasting and replenishment, coordinated production, inventory and capacity plans, information integration, and direct connection to ERP systems, one of the most exciting developments in supply chain management in many industries "(synchronous). Synchronized planning is a key step in (Lee).

o Information Integration

o Planning synchronization

coordination o Workflow

o new business models

First, information integration requires information sharing and transparency. This sharing of information between members of the supply chain. Exchanged information may include inventory levels, production schedules and delivery schedules. The benefits include better labor scheduling, and reduce the bullwhip effect. "Synchronization indicating a lack of competence between supply chain members. Even a small change in consumer sales in the form of large waves back upstream vibrations, similar to the result in a flick of a whip handle" (Chase 335).

design synchronization determines what to do with the information that is shared. This includes collaborative planning and joint planning. The benefits of lower costs and improve services.

If the synchronization is planning a "we" should be a shared information and coordinating work processes "how" to do it. Operations which coordinate including procurement, engineering and design changes and production planning. Benefits include early time to market, better service and improved efficiency. Synchronized planning can lead to new business models. Not only is the new business workflow models, will again lead to a change in responsibility for different parts of the supply chain. The redefined the supply chain together with new products and lead to the expansion of new markets (Lee).

synchronized planning, however, can not be achieved without a tight connection of all companies in the supply chain. Communication channels must be well defined and the performance of each member of the chain should be checked. The integrated supply chain members should be responsible for participating in the process. As product life cycles grow shorter, the effective coordination of the supply chain is growing in importance. To ensure that the supply chain is driven by consumer demand and reduce the bullwhip effect, synchronized planning is an important (Lee).


Because of the supply chain of different organizations that are closely intertwined, it becomes necessary to measure the performance of each member of the chain. The former chairman of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan testified before Congress in February 2001 that the company could not predict the economic downturn of the last recession, despite overbuilding stocks have supply chain automation (Fonstad). Even the use of the latest technology, and therefore can not guarantee that the supply chain works effectively.

One way to answer the question as to how well the supply chain works to improve supplier scorecards. There are five steps you can Effective scorecard (Golovin).

o accept that what's important, and how to measure it

o Use Reports web-based incident to communicate problems to occur

treatment of

o Engage in ongoing suppliers

o measures to prevent, but also to respond

o use of web-based software that can all suppliers to use without costly investment in software and training

it is important that the buyer and seller agrees from the outset that what is important and how it is measured. This is important because once decided, a supplier to optimize the work of the selected criteria. If only the timely delivery of priority, focus on this aspect of its suppliers at the expense of other factors. In addition, the criteria used to measure supplier performance must be realistic and achievable.

Actual performance against then consistently follow these benchmarks. The producer and distributor should work together to develop benchmarks that are the industry's performance and product specifications in line. Using Web accident reports is important in keeping track of the problems occur. Incident reports should not only follow the problems, but should be used to solve problems in real time. It is also important to take the time to weigh the supplier to resolve the issue.

Continuous treatment of suppliers, sometimes referred to as transport engineering, has become increasingly important as manufacturers outsource more of their operations. The 90-day review cycle ruined if the production of an innovative product. "Innovative products are typically only a few months of its life cycle" (Chase 337). The 90-day review cycle can be more than competitive advantage closer to an innovative product. Effective and ongoing supplier management should be adjusted at certain times and tolerances. This was then tied to a web-based incident reports, which allow alarm if the products or delivery of the agreed variations.

An effective supplier scorecard should be set up to prevent problems, as opposed to reacting to them. The sooner you know, we have a problem to solve, lower costs, and the greater the chances of preventing that completely. The best scorecard is not only measured after the events occurred, I keep in monitoring in real time. The use of automation is key to making this happen. For example, a system that meets the accounts of orders will catch pricing errors before a check is cut and the manufacturer of the money out the door. Utilizing a web-based software not only reduces the cost of transporting integrate the manufacturer to speed up the integration process. Web-based software also allows service providers to both small and large part of the supply chain.

The other four points listed above are all expected to be a producer and a supplier to participate in the design, procurement, quality control, and delivery of the product. The Internet allows all members of the supply chain to collaborate and work together as a team. Finally, the performance of Web-based suppliers, the suppliers are able to take part in their performance improvement (Golovin).


supply chain management is an interesting and complex subject. It is the essence of the new business methods in the 21st century. The nearly universal availability of internet technology changes how the licensing of the supply chain is managed by an enterprise. The Internet makes it possible to adopt new business practices and new markets. Utilizing the power of the Internet, supply chain management will continue to evolve over the changes implemented today.

E-business was the logical continuation of e-commerce. E-business accepts the power of the Internet to speed up the growth of the supply chain integration. While the E-business supply chain management had a huge impact, it also can be adapted to both the front and back of business activities (Lee). Improved inventory management and increased profits of two of the benefits of improved supply chain management. As mentioned in the introduction, Nike dropped out of the 2001 profit targets part of the supply chain automation project execution failed. It is estimated that resources in excess of over $ 30 billion dollars can be eliminated improved supply-chain management. These are real savings can be made directly to the bottom line.

Four new technologies and business practices that take advantage of the Internet virtual marketplaces, radio frequency identification tags, synchronized planning (RFID), and supplier performance management. Virtual markets allow buyers and sellers to come together 24/7 in effect create a store that never closes. A further advantage is the virtual elimination of intermediaries in the market places, access to product and seller information, and a neutral marketplace where buyers and sellers all treated equally. Virtual markets provide both buyers and sellers the opportunity to re-engineer sales administrative process.

As mentioned above, since the RFID exist in 1960, but improvements in technology and the Internet has expanded RFID paring this tracking method is too little time in the factories. The three components of RFID system, an antenna, transceiver and transponder (tag).

applied across the supply chain is collaborative forecasting and replenishment, coordinated production, inventory and capacity planning, information integration, and direct connection to the ERP systems in

synchronized planning. The four key steps in the planning synchronized information integration, synchronization planning, coordinating workflow, as well as the opportunity to develop new business models. Key synchronized planning to use the Internet to share information. The advantages of synchronous design: a better work scheduling and reducing whiplash affected. The whiplash affect magnify the oscillations caused by the change in the upstream supply chain for consumer sales. Dubbed design also determines what to do with the joint information and how it will happen. As product life cycles grow shorter, the effective coordination of the supply chain reward companies who seize the opportunities.


Supplier scorecard method step of the supply chain organizations increasingly intertwined. As Alan Greenspan pointed out in 2001, many companies were not able to predict the last recession and continued overbuilding inventory despite the fact that invested heavily in supply chain automation. This finding supports the need to develop tools for monitoring the performance of companies up and down the supply chain. The five steps to an effective scorecard accept that what is important and how to measure, the use of web-based incident management reports continued commitment of suppliers to prevent measurement problems, and the use of web-based software. In rolling out these tools, it is important that the buyer and seller in front of what is important and how to measure. The other step is to flow in the first.

The Internet has had a tremendous impact on the personal and professional lives of business people. The business side, the Internet has brought new life to existing technologies and business opportunities offered to participate in the world market. The utilization of the Internet made it possible for more business cooperation and exchange of information up and down the supply chain. The Internet has made it possible for companies to improve their supply chain by the way they manage inventory, orders, and critical information with each other.

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