Advantages and disadvantages of having a forum on the website can be

Forums are a great addition to the website, but like anything on the Internet, there are advantages and disadvantages when adding a forum to your website, because only having a forum not really going to do much for you.

below we look at the main advantages and disadvantages, where a forum on the site that can help you decide if it's worth a stay, or even too obvious!


Contents – Google (and other decent search engines) love content, so after the forum, many people are contributing and new posts and responses to generate enough content to really push your site forward. It does take a while to get this kind of level, and you need to have some great members, but if you do not get a happy group of users posting in all, it can really help your site rise up the rankings.

Visitor retention of – the Forum provides the opportunity for visitors, customers and potential customers a reason to return to the place, especially when help is needed or advice on a particular subject. All websites want to keep visitors returning, leaving a crack forum is a way to make people want to come back and use the site.

Commercial opportunities – The more people there are on the site, the more money you can do so by having more people and more return visits to the site, they will immediately increase the chances that a a decent income from your own site. The shopping sites online services, you can keep visitors entertained on the site and give them a reason to come back often, it will give more opportunities to sell them.


moderation – When you open a public forum, you are going to have to think in moderation, because not everyone will be as well behaved as you! : The tiny arguments better way to dodgy message and useless items, you must make sure that the top of the board, or people do this for you, of course, take up a lot of time and means you'll be taken the confidence of the members are often not paid to do it for you.

Spam – As with most things on the World Wide Web, a forum open only one goal in each spammer because if the forum will be great, you could have a little weight to Google. There were huge platforms near or change the way they operate because of spam, so it's important to consider how you will deal with this before it becomes a problem for you.

Vulnerabilities – Since most forums will be too site, you must make sure to regularly update the software that runs them nothing could be opened up to become some huge security issues. It is important to review the setup of the forum before they go live, to make sure that it has closed the non-visible loop holes that allow the bad guys, but even then, you need to make sure you continue to monitor the site issues, which again take up your time.

Lack of messages – a bit like a city, a lot of a closed business, if you land on your site and see that there are only a few posts, this is actually a negative effect on the visitor . Although it is difficult to live without the members, you need to consider how you are going to get the forum offline to avoid looking like an empty space, and actually putting the visitors to your website.

Source by Ian D Spencer

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