Havanese Training – What to do if your dog's separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is the most common problem is that the Havanese dog owners face. After all, dogs are extremely loyal and wants to go anywhere the owner. We want to be a Havanese with us wherever we go, but it's just not feasible, especially if you have to go to work or to areas where dogs are not allowed.

leave them at home anywhere can cause mild to severe anxiety, behavior problems that result in the destruction of barking and stuff at home. When you come home you may find that the dog had chewed it with your favorite shoes or peed on the carpet because they were anxious when she was not around. Sometimes it's hard to imagine that the adorable Havanese be as little monster at home because there you get from being abandoned them and will not return.

The sources Dog Separation Anxiety

is the main driving force behind the anxiety inherent to pack animals and for separating them in the package due to their uncertainty and unrest. They feel detachment, when the master leaves and it gets confused. In fact, there are certain activities that the owner recognizes that it is based on anxiety and still gets excited.

For example, if you give them attention before you leave, or you better returns, and it was done on a consistent basis every day, will set the pattern ingrained routine and anxiety builds day by day.

Reducing Dog Separation Anxiety

we do not realize that they actually have more control anxiety than you think. Certain changes can go a long way in the actions to reduce restlessness, anxiety and so curb.

Here are some simple ways to reduce anxiety

Mix every day: If you have a set number of tasks you do every day before you leave, you may want to change a little around. If you know that the Havanese dog starts to act when you pick up the car keys, for example, try a different approach to the keys the next time. Put the key in his pocket before leaving well in advance. Another common trigger is left before the morning walk. If you are able to let them go after them at home, try taking them for a walk, before you plan to leave.

remains neutral : It's hard to not give them just before you go to charity. After all, they will be missed throughout the day as well. However, this only increases the concern, if we let them. The same applies when you return home. Try not to give them excessive attention before you leave, or you better returns. The most effective way to reduce the anxiety that separates the outlet and the return they get a lot of attention. We recommend that you act as if nothing has changed, before you leave or when you return, and you're ignoring the dog before and after the 10 minutes. Do not pet or hug them in those moments when they are sad or sounds of a sad expression. Remember that this is only to help them reduce their anxiety when not at home.

Let's start with a shorter period of time: If you see your dog getting nervous as it exits, go out for a few minutes and then come back. This will change the expectations of how long they will be gone, and when he returns. Then slowly increase the time for them to leave, so it seems natural to them that they do not come back, even if you leave.

did not get very

You might think that some of these methods are cruel and certainly feels that way when dealing with Havanese dogs who get very adhering to the owner. What you need to realize that if you reduce your anxiety, which in turn allows them to be more relaxed and healthier in the long run.

If your dog has anxiety problems continue for a long time, you should do everything you can to reduce it early and not allow it to become worse. The last thing you want to come home to find a Havanese dog did something, you do not have to respond immediately and yelled at them (and this happens because they created that situation in the first place).

you can learn the secrets of these and other training Havanese training side.

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