How to Make Money Repair Game Consoles

The state of today's economy and industry collapsing left and right causing job security that is a very big concern, one of the issues to be deep interest for those who wish to to find another source of income is as follows: to repair a money game consoles?

Consider these facts:

– The video game market, $ 40000000000 a year industry.

– almost 40% of US households owned at least one video game console.

– Almost 200 video games, an average, monthly, spread across multiple platforms.

– nearly four decades since the existing video game consoles. Video game companies have an impact player in the home entertainment industry for nearly 30 years.

– The price of gas rising, more people will find a way to feel at home entertainment and video game would be a very attractive option.

The numbers enumerated above tells us immediately that actually make money repairing game consoles – in fact a lot of money. The main market is. What should determine the demand.

How often break down video game consoles?

The current generation of game consoles is not as strong as in the previous versions. The primary examples that demonstrate this fact, without a doubt, Microsoft's Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 suffer permanent problems for the 3 red lights – infamously labeled the 3RL or 3RLOD (3 red lights of death) – on the front of the console . This is the 3 red lights indicate the general hardware failure, the details of which Microsoft refuses to speak in public. The 3RL problem is more widespread. Microsoft taps is 16%, but observers believe that this can go as high as 60%.

3RL Now the problem, which was once thought of as hopeless, we have divided the home fans and some treatments have been formulated. Microsoft is not willing to recognize these cures. However, these therapies work, and often these therapies 3RL permanently solve the problem.

Here's where it gets interesting enough if you want to make money repairing game consoles: 3RL cure problems with the Xbox 360 is easy to realize. Merely studying the procedures, he knows that a unit up and running in no time. You do not have a thorough knowledge of electronics. You do not need experience in corrections. You do not need to read complex drawings. Just follow a few YouTube videos, and you're good to go.

But not every console owner would be willing to learn these things.

Therefore, the demand for game console repairs.

people who have money to repair their consoles game consoles repair or publish information products such as ebooks and special reports, detailing the steps to fix these video game unit. One of those entrepreneurs who sell an information product, how to solve the problem 3RL dreaded Xbox 360 earn more than $ 1,000 per day for more than just advertising a product of the popular Xbox 360 forums.

Source by Ian Pennington

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