HypoManiacs often misunderstood

You hypomania? If you have some definite advantages over others. Hypomaniacs often superstars in their fields, but it is often misunderstood by those who work so hard to personalities and put individuals in neat little boxes. This article

which seems to still think of hypomania syndrome "hypomanic" leaders are often most successful Associated Press 04/26/2002 Washington

I will study this group, as I observe the superstars and read the biographies of the most driven individuals. Here are my thoughts on the subject. And maybe we can help shed some light on this topic.

First, a very good article. But how does an individual know if he has this "hypomanic" thing? Send to a person hypomania may be more complex than was introduced in this article.

and these properties myself (often those who have chosen the subject of psychology is actually leading them questions about themselves to go into the substance of such topics as the profession). I have read 100s of biographies of the greatest leaders, sports figures, inventors, entreprenuers, soldiers, scientists, etc. Still have a hard time placing many of these people to these categories. So it seems difficult to find a correlation between these observations in the article, and it is difficult to see the downside of such a person to society, it is a plus and allows many people live without any problems because of the hard chargers are protecting the heard speak.

most of hypomaniacs not see the drawbacks. I also do not see them as negative; I see them as an advantage. This is very interesting indeed. First you need to ask and wonder about the "risk-taking" a little thing that I do not think these people see it as a risk, I know not. Challenge yes, risk, not really. Innovation is a necessity for all these people, and that perhaps perceived risk or out on a limb. As the magnificence of the question, I think, it might be too controversial, because nothing is impossible, anything can be achieved, a number of issues, mind and strength which I think is a PhD in the field of psychology would not be able to easily recognize. Any person like this Hypomanic, constantly has others tell them they can not do something, he does it anyway. Is it really grandiosity of hypomania or is it a false perception of the observer? I think this may be the psychology of thinking is so specialized that they can not imagine how these people, and contact information. For example, many entrepreneurs and, in this context, because the article does not (I suppose the scholars of other features like hypomaniacs) is not bad after the first big victory in their next big thing or endeavor.

Entrepreneurs rarely more victories in various industries, except people like Branson, Gates, Fred Smith (FedEx), Wayne Hiezinga. This is because of those that carried out with the same work ethic to the next battle, and they are not done yet, want more. I can see one of the traits at Harvard use to hard work ethic, but does not see that these people anymore. Enron's collapse was stupid, they are the world of the ball, but the leadership slacked off, right where it should have been really turning on the juice. The need for a visionary leader not prisoners, as mentioned earlier, is too bad because it hurts America. The argument is that commoditizing other things that can be valuable for all of society. I think that even if the idea that Gates also commented scientists trends and Bi-Polar him, you'll have to go back to the drawing board and are not linked to the success or hard work ethic with the others.

there is someone doing research hypomanic personality traits that need to upload to the site this debate. When studying great people such as Gates 'The Road Ahead' (in the Inner Circle Magazine), Turner "This is not as easy as it looks," Ellison "The Difference Between God and the" Richard Branson book "Virginity" and Guzietta Coke cola "I want the world to buy a Coke." Each appears that many of these traits. I think the anger is stupidity, bureaucracy and slow-moving brain-dead people, it causes you to work harder, all seem to mention this in the autobiographical works. Perhaps they are trading the maniac mild depression into anger and steam and uses it to heat up the soft tissue in the back of the head to drive stick-to-it-ness to the domestic first battle. I sometimes think that the anger of the brick walls as force these individuals to go crazy forcing them to work. How can they be depressed when you are doing what you love to do? They love to win.

The hypomania is not like what they are doing may be different. Tesla, the famous inventor AC had many of these traits, but loved his work. It is possible that at this point the cases prove defective. Maybe these off the table Hypomaniacs other side of them, but it's mild manic depression seems a bit unlikely. If people have witnessed these qualities of these people, I would say that mistook the depletion of vitamins due to the stress of self-inficted own internal personal struggle for "human factor" resistance in their path to get where you are going to be. It is possible to go without eating and sleeping and then all of a sudden hit. Maybe these people if witneesed of depression, such as state, just need a little more Chormium Picolinate or protien for their brains. This particular have missed a couple of other benefits, though obviously not be a whole book, because it's just an article

1. When people do not put you in the references that MIS judge the motivations and needs in negotiations and therefore, will give you the upper hand

2. also a person moving that fast can not be too many friends due time. Therefore, do not get too caught up "familiar breeds contempt" traps

2.5 The competition can not keep up, because when you copy them, they're already several steps ahead and back ribs around them. They never know what hit them, and then it is too late;

3. Misdirection and miss information techniques are easier emloy because the body can not figure out where to go from there or from

4. If you are moving that fast and have faith in the future move, do not worry, they'll find a way. This looks dangerous to others, and this gives them an advantage, because no one will dare follow;

5. harder to hit a moving target, and almost impossible to follow;

6. existence intimidates people, which also helps. People are afraid, they

7. The energy radiates out word and causes things to line up the way your sheer will.

Now the drawbacks side of things is not mentioned in these articles; Draw backs:

first people to Heaven

2 others to imitate them often requires too much knowledge and skills to work at this level;

3. People question the judgment because they do not realize the multiple effects. ie … Ted Turner over paying for a merger, he was in the movie classic content for his future projects

4. These problems relating to people who can not argue or complex ideas;

5. Not good at parties which are wasting your time. While it may be the life of the party as a whole can be easily

6. They are still stuck in linear time and therefore can not get everything you want;

7. It has to be careful not to run over someone or through them to be very easy to do

8. There are no peers, this is actually a matter of debate advantage.

As for the downer side of this title hypomania, labeling, I do not see the soft side of a downer. I do not understand manic depression state? Perhaps that was there to capture the "Bi-Polar" thing to loop the story full circle, readers believe in all that Bi-Polar, lithium and Prozac (a good book on this topic, "Living With Prozac" (scary book, if you think about what it can do to our soicety) stuff. After all, readers will not buy kryptonite without the Superman idea? the author that this was not just to appease readers and make them not feel little against these people?

may be short times when you have to think a lot to them they got into a jam, hitting the wrong turn in the maze or running through the wrong door option. But then again, that just a short time, you usually only find a way to make mistakes as advantages. This article just makes me remember a guy who crashed the new house in a new Beechcraft Baron? He may have had a moment as this depression thing, but killing a man gives himself up, and a person with unlimited energy and brains to match never give up. Now, if you need a downside to all this it would be the "burn-out concerns" or something else, although this does not seem to work either, judging by the history and the referenced biographies above. Of course, if you do not eat right or take care of themselves these types of people will be writing checks that his body can not cash, which health problems, I think.

In this article the author is indeed a PhD or professionals Bi Polar disorders? There once was a man who worked for me who was Bi-Polar, his life has really screwed up, nice guy, and need help. We had to cut to lose due to performance issues, we need more output. A few days later, it was fantastic, and the other did not. I thought that this type of work a person can be the most suitable. It was not good for sales, although everyone seemed to like. My theory was that his displacement caused feelings of superiority of others around him, and make him seem to be Charisma, and approachable and non-intimidating. He was Lithium. What does lithium do to people, and it seems wrong to the people, do you have after side effects?

After the bipolar interesting because of the cerebellum when straightened to 1128 cu centimeters record album cover, which is larger than either the left or right side of the brain. Even with the cerebral cortex including both halves 1900 cubic centimeters. So those who are well able to do more faster. We know from those who have brain injuries, brain cerebellum use the RAM memory and turns on the computer screen of the activity when the damaged part of the left or right can not be used. There are more cells and neurons in the cerebellum as the rest of the brain is much more capacity. So if you use it that some can do more faster and process more data and crutch more numbers so to speak. You may want to check up Nueroantomist Santiago Ramón y Cajal.

a huge shark small brain and is 400 million years of evolution of modern man no matter what you believe as far as 160,000 years, Neanderthals 40,000 years ago or 10,000 years of Chinese recorded written history. The problem I see in the article, something that everyone is a doctor, and these are the same people so that children under age 6 Prozac and screwing up their heads before full development. Perhaps the positive hypomania label any attempt to narrowly address the behavior is unhealthy and dangerous to the incorrect adjustment. People who seem to have a different reason for all to share another familiar advantage in sports, war, business, game or politics. Their opponents and followers who do not understand them, once they realize that they do not understand, often fear them. A Machiavellian point of view, we can say that it is nice to have a leadership, and in particular the relentless struggle for good politics. It is best if your opponent thinks you're crazy and unpredictable, because it incites fear and hesitation, the edge needed surprise attack or reciprocal response. If followers do not understand your ways, but to understand the power of intelligence will follow, and not try to topple out of fear and admiration. This would be considered a positive attribute if the theory is true of Article bipolar hypomania executive model.

Remember Patton used to say that if it was his jeep to a speech was all ears teams knew he knew how to win the media made it sound crazy öszeverném hospital wounded or panic attacked soldiers and no one could guess him and therefore his advantage, was able to fly to the seat of his pants victorious battle. Hitler spoke mesmerizing cadence and put people in a beta state of mind. While still in the ups and downs of Bi-Polar tendencies. Vince Lombardi said that one of the greatest leaders in the history of sport was a low mood swings, they say. Steve Jobs is a good example of a bi-polarality this article in the context of what I read. It may be a bi-polar type tendency trend of hard charging never give up individuals and hypomania label is actually a strength of character that needs to be addressed, and watching the positive benefits and not to turn evil?

The assumption that only one room in time to see a fake. Visionaries are always looking for like-minded visionaries vision. If one of the absolute boss, then there is a problem, but it is not like a pet, the first animal in charge. Visionaries often work well together, and the two minds are better than one providing the fundamental issues are equal (belief system Theory Equally yoked principle). Now then people like Mr. Lear, Edison, Tesla, Copernicus, Leonardo de Vinci, etc. can actually be lonely, and work better so, although all had companions and understood that need help to get out the message and inventions and that the things in the market.

no other tests to determine whether they really exist hypomaniacs to the extent mentioned in the article. By using naturalistic observation and limited control over another group of achievers and we have created a random assignment. I question the validity of subjects like Gates and Jobs to show that the Bi-Polar theory is true, the hypothesis hypomania. The relationship with such a limited data set PR bull that companies and promote books that can not be accurately know the truth about any of this. I mean, the theory still has some validity and can not be proved either way, if you do not know them at our disposal in a week or two, which needs judicial bodies is impossible, based on gate time when you have to work with R and D projects and works an incredible schedule and interview rounds for his latest new product launch. And if these objects are taken away from artificial life compared to normal people would lose the whole project. For example, if we took these people and put them in play on go carts and watched their behavior you might see some interesting things, like everything, but we also do not have to find that HR-athlete, full of piss and vinegar wanting to conquer the world. Does that make sense? If the article and theories are true and we do not know the table from one direction to another without the table, which I think is, then, between the bi-polarity of severe depression and mania may be a good thing to answer. And if this is so, you need not condemn those who are too far from the end on one side, because it has much to offer the rest of the world. Interesting.

This is the subject fascinating, as people try to understand the best performing of the human spirit and the will of our Earth moves them? The examples presented are interesting indeed and we need to get a real insight into the theory, which seems to be very easy to determine the article and there should be more to this. Although the article hits home for me, so I find it seems based on the value of the subject, perhaps we can learn from all of these hard-charging super stars like Gates and Jobs. I think there is still a question trying to pigeon hole as unique as the people are complicated, and accumulated all of their observations, experiences, genetics and however the results are unique and therefore such simple classifications may be highly invalid, why do not you ask them? If anyone have any information hypomania syndromes, please post them below that of other Think Tank members learned so much through this review will also join think tanks tend to make a difference.

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