What to do if Google Chrome crashes

need to fix Google Chrome if it keeps crashing, freezing, and does not work or if you do not start at all. What steps you are taking? Read on to find out.

A) As a first step, try the following fixes crashes Chrome

1) The machine has run out of memory and can not load the page at the same time running apps, extensions and programs.

free up memory:

a) Close all tabs except that it shows the error message.

b) Exit from other applications or programs they run and break an application or downloading a file.

Computer Removing unnecessary extension of Chrome.

2) Exit Chrome and reopen. For Windows: Ctrl + q. Try loading the page.

3) Programs and applications are sometimes kept in the pages load properly.

a) The computer is restarted.

b) Try to load the page again.

B) If the above steps do not work, check Chrome crash problems.

a) If Windows is to use the "Chrome Clean Up" tool to find and remove unwanted software.

b) To find out if there is any problem with the website or Chrome, open the page in another browser. For example, try using Firefox or Safari to load the page.

If you work in another browser, try the following:

1) remove and reinstall Chrome.

2) remove and reinstall your extensions.

3) Fix hardware problems: could be a problem with the computer or the device's hard drive Chrome works. Recording:

Go to Settings> System> Preferences sooner

Clear the "hardware acceleration when available."

4) Restart Chrome.

If this does not work, another browser, there may be a problem with the network or the website itself.

C) Fixed problem when Chrome will not open at all on the computer. Chrome may have running in the background on your computer. To see if Chrome opens strength exit and follow the steps for your operating system.

a) Run ctrl + alt + delete

b) Click the Start Task Manager

c) the term "process", the "Google Chrome" or "chrome.exe ".

d) Click on it and click "End Process" if necessary.

e) Next to set up anti-virus and check for malware.

possible that either the antivirus software, or malware, preventing unwanted opening of Chrome. To fix this, make sure Chrome will block anti-virus or other software on your computer.

f) Restart your computer because of a program or process running on your computer that Chrome will be a problem.

D) If the above solutions do not work, we recommend that you uninstall and then reinstall Chrome.

What if Chrome still does not work? Then turn crash report that the information

. And also free to post a comment on "Chrome Help Forum."

Source by Rosina S Khan

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